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American Culture

December 29, 2020

2020 In Review: The Woke Wave 🌊

2020 In Review: The Woke Wave 🌊

America took a beating over the past year. But it didn’t come from a foreign enemy or economic competitor. The attacks came from somewhere much more concerning: our fellow Americans.

The liberal elite has been conquered by the “woke,” who spew a worldview utterly opposed to America’s guiding principles. They demand freedom, but want to silence and control anyone who disagrees with them. They demand equality, but want to build a new society based on discrimination. They are dead-set on using the full force of government to achieve their dangerous vision.

This reality came into focus during the violent riots that swept over cities this spring. Understandable calls for equal justice and reform quickly turned into demands for revolution. We were told that America suffers from “systemic racism” and is fundamentally unjust, which can only be fixed by rebuilding society from the ground up. Shockingly, the leaders of the American left either stayed silent or actively agreed.

It’s frighteningly clear now that the woke mob wants to shout down and shut up anyone who disagrees with them. What started with “political correctness” years ago has now become “cancel culture.” Students, speakers, professors, politicians — even regular people dining out on a Monday night — have all been silenced or shamed for not toeing the anti-American line.

Now the woke wave is crashing into all of society. 

The left is forcing its anti-American worldview into classrooms, moving from the college campus to K-12. It’s taking over corporate boardrooms, pushing businesses to make decisions based on politics and not what’s best for consumers and communities. The media often takes the woke view, and of course, Big Tech is censoring conservative voices and forcing its leftist views on society.

With Joe Biden set to wield the power of the presidency, we should all be worried about how the woke left wants to remake the country. They will stifle free speech in the name of “freedom” and enact discriminatory policies in pursuit of “equality.” And they’ll do it all in service of a vision that has no resemblance to the America we know and love.

Amb. Haley spoke truth to power at the Republican National Convention: “America is not a racist country.” She continued by saying, “America isn’t perfect, but the principles we hold dear are perfect.” With the left dead-set on destroying those principles, people of all backgrounds and beliefs must come together to defend them and America itself. Our future depends on it.

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