SFA on the Issues

On some of the biggest challenges facing our country — immigration, health care, and the environment — liberals offer Americans a false choice. The solutions they propose involve opening our borders, embracing socialism, and spending countless trillions of dollars. Americans are smarter than to accept that. In the fall of 2020, Stand For America released a series of practical solutions that don’t involve us giving up our freedoms or handing our entire economy over to the government.


For decades, Americans have been ignored by a political class that has failed to enforce our immigration laws. As a result, our country is straining under the stress of large levels of immigration and muddling through with a system that is unfair to immigrants and Americans alike. We need sensible reforms that make our system work and reflect the values of our great country.

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Health Care

Despite producing the greatest medical innovations of the last century, the U.S. health care system causes many Americans more headaches than it cures. And while ideas for improving it come from every corner, many ignore our most pressing needs: cutting costs and improving accessibility. Those advocating Medicare for All will fail to achieve either of these goals and will bankrupt the country in the process. The solutions lie in giving the American people more choices, not in giving the government more control.

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Energy Independence and the Environment

Protecting the environment is a serious issue that deserves sensible solutions from our leaders in Washington. Instead, liberals are pitching pie-in-the-sky pipe dreams that would be laughably unrealistic if they weren’t so threatening to our nation’s economic livelihood. We need an environmental policy that doesn’t sacrifice jobs on the altar of leftwing theology and continues American leadership in the march toward energy independence.

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