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American Culture

December 17, 2020

Radicalism Rising, K-12 Edition 🎒

You’d think that educators and policymakers would be focused on reopening schools and teaching students, but you’d be wrong. From coast to coast, radical leftists are closing out 2020 by forcing their agenda on America’s children.

Take San Francisco, where the school district just decided to rename Abraham Lincoln High School. Why? Because the president who freed the slaves is “problematic” and didn’t demonstrate that “black lives mattered to him.” Actions like this show the real goal: Destroying America’s past.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the teachers union recently passed a resolution aimed at forcing the most far-left ideas into classrooms. The resolution actually uses the word “comrades” to refer to teachers, as if they’re communists. Then it announces the union’s support for “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” And that’s just the start.

This is what the liberal elite stand for right now. They reject American history, America’s principles, and basic truth and common sense. And don’t worry: They’re working overtime to bring it to a school near you.

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Religious Freedom On A Roll 🙏

The Supreme Court is striking down state restrictions on places of worship left and right. This is good news for the freedom of religion, which has faced serious assault from liberal governors in the coronavirus era.

The latest: The Court sided this week with religious freedom in cases involving churches and synagogues in New Jersey and Colorado. In both states, the Court loosened restrictions on the number of people allowed in houses of worship. This follows similar decisions striking down strict pandemic mandates in California and New York, where politicians have ignored the Constitution with draconian religious lockdowns.

These decisions are largely the result of the strong conservative majority that the Trump administration put on the Supreme Court. It’s nice to know the highest court in the land is back to protecting America’s first freedom.

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