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American Culture

January 13, 2021

Amb. Haley: Be Brave 👊

Amb. Haley: Be Brave 👊

Nikki Haley has a message for America’s college students: Be brave. In her first video for PragerU, she urges students to speak out and stand up to those who say America is evil. They’re wrong — and students have to show them what’s right.

Nikki’s video comes at a time when free speech is under assault on college campuses across America. Conservative students, professors, and speakers have been silenced, while biased professors routinely present an untrue and unfair picture of America’s history and principles. The best response is to fight back with the facts. Nikki puts it this way: “America has a great story to tell. You have to have the courage to tell it.”

It won’t be easy. But as Nikki says in the video, “don’t back down.” She continues: “What the fight for racial equality was for prior generations, the fight for free speech and intellectual freedom is to your generation.” It’s a fight we have to win, for America’s future.

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No More Lockdowns 🔓

Economic lockdowns are crushing the economy. Some liberal politicians are waking up to this fact after nearly a year of blindly supporting them. Look no further than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who changed his tune virtually overnight:

That’s rich coming from someone who threatened a lockdown as recently as last month. Regardless, the case for one-size-fits-all lockdowns was always flawed, but now it’s totally indefensible. New vaccines allow states to protect the most vulnerable and start returning to normalcy. States should be focused on the fastest possible distribution, not more restrictions on companies and workers.

It’s tempting to say better late than never, but for hundreds of thousands of small businesses, it’s already too late. Nearly a third of America’s small businesses closed in 2020, including nearly 40,000 restaurants in California alone. Every day lockdowns continue, more job creators close, more workers get laid off, more families suffer, and more communities struggle. 

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