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September 2, 2020

Biden’s Bad Plan for American Energy 🤦‍♀️

In Pennsylvania this week, Joe Biden asked: “Do I look like a radical socialist?” The better question is whether the socialists who are gaining power in the Democratic Party are exerting a greater influence on Biden’s platform. The answer is clearly yes.

Since Biden was in Pennsylvania to talk about energy policy, it’s worth starting there.

– Fracking. Which Joe Biden should Americans believe on fracking: the one who said he’d “make sure it’s eliminated” and agreed with the socialist Bernie Sanders that it should be banned, saying “no more”? Or the Biden who now says the opposite

It’s telling that Kamala Harris, his VP pick, favors the total fracking ban that’s part of the Green New Deal. So do the socialist activists who increasingly dominate the Democratic Party. It’s hard to see Joe Biden standing up to them, especially since he’s already caved to their demands to move further left.

– Green New Deal. Joe Biden avoids saying he supports the Green New Deal demanded by the Democratic Party’s most radical wing. But activists and journalists have spent months pointing out that Biden’s energy plan is the Green New Deal in all but name.

It’s true: Biden’s $2 trillion plan would raise electricity prices on families, dole out untold billions of dollars in corporate welfare to politically-favored energy companies, and put America back in the Paris Climate Accord — hurting our economy while strengthening adversaries like China. No matter what he calls it, Biden’s energy plan is a raw deal for Americans.

When Joe Biden was vice president to Barack Obama, they enacted some of the most economically harmful energy policies in American history. Four years later, the Democratic Party is even more extreme on energy, and Biden is set to go with the radical flow. The losers will be the millions of Americans who could soon be paying more, losing jobs, and facing blackouts.

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