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September 16, 2020

Biden’s Budget Blowout 💰

Joe Biden would push America closer to bankruptcy. Tuesday we told you about Biden’s plan for massive tax hikes. Now the staggering cost of his policy proposals is becoming clear, and so is a hard truth: If Joe Biden gets what he wants, Americans will pay the price.

There are two good estimates of Joe Biden’s plans. The first, from the University of Pennsylvania, pegs his proposals at $5.4 trillion over the next decade. That’s more than double what Hillary Clinton called for in 2016. The second, from the Manhattan Institute, puts the cost of his policies at $11 trillion — a spending spree not seen since the 1960s. This money would go toward a huge number of liberal causes, from climate change to government health care.

Biden’s rising spending demands have hard-left progressives jumping for joy. Socialists like Bernie Sanders are singing his praises. Yet these sky-high spending plans would push America even deeper into debt, while paving the way for massive tax hikes on all Americans. Joe Biden’s policies have a price tag that Americans simply cannot afford.

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Progress Toward Peace In The Middle East ️🕊

Something truly historic happened Tuesday: Israel and two Arab countries, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, signed deals paving the way to peace between their countries. Negotiated by the United States, these “Abraham Accords” are an enormous step forward for U.S. interests and Middle East peace.

The Trump administration deserves significant credit for this accomplishment. The Abraham Accords come after nearly 75 years of constant hostility and even open war between the Arab world and Israel. Bahrain and the UAE now join Egypt and Jordan in having diplomatic ties with Israel. This opens the door to broader trade ties, security collaboration, and friendship in the Middle East — which is especially important in the face of an aggressive Iran.

What’s next? Other Arab countries could normalize relations with Israel in the near future, including Oman and Saudi Arabia. This could also lead to a breakthrough in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Amb. Haley has always said we must “watch what the Arab countries do,” when it comes to finding a lasting peace and sure enough, the Arab world is now working with Israel to make peace a reality.

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