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American Culture

January 26, 2021

Biden’s Oil And Gas Ban 🛢️

Biden’s Oil And Gas Ban 🛢️

Joe Biden has already issued a major ban on American energy. In one of his first acts, Biden “paused” energy exploration on federal lands, and will reportedly make the pause permanent as of today. This move will keep American energy locked away, while hurting job creators and job seekers at the worst possible time.

Under the Biden ban, energy companies can’t start new projects on lands owned by Washington, D.C. Since D.C. owns huge portions of most western states, the consequences will be severe: at least 18,000 jobs lost in Colorado, 33,000 in Wyoming, and 62,000 in New Mexico, according to energy groups. What’s worse is that Biden has blocked federal bureaucrats from issuing key approvals for energy projects on private lands. It’s nothing short of a war on American energy.

Joe Biden claimed during the campaign that he wouldn’t ban fracking, but he’s already moving in that direction. Expect more job losses, less energy independence, and more pain for American families and businesses.

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Why We Don’t Say “Progressive” ⏮️

Joe Biden is supposed to be the most “progressive” president in history, but that’s just not true. There’s nothing forward-looking about the liberal agenda. Just the opposite: Progressives are taking America backward.

There’s no progress that comes from adding trillions of dollars to the national debt and dramatically expanding government power. There’s no forward-movement to be found in dangerous slogans like “cancel rent” and “defund the police.” One-size-fits-all mandates that keep businesses closed and force students out of school cause untold pain and stifle America’s future. The liberal push to control our economy and culture only undermines individual freedom — the true source of progress.

All this goes to say: “Progressives” don’t deserve the name. The better description is just “far-left.” That’s what we’ll call them — because true progress comes from embracing America’s principles, not abandoning them.

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