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September 8, 2020

California’s Blackout Warning ⚡

California’s embarrassing energy crisis is the result of bad liberal policies. As California starts the week facing rolling blackouts, it’s worth asking why the nation’s richest state is dealing with an issue typically facing poor countries — and why the rest of America should be worried.

California’s energy problems are the fault of government control. For years, the state has built a top-down, mandate-heavy, bureaucrat-driven energy system. Politicians have decreed that the state must generate all electricity from “clean” sources in the near future, which has forced affordable and efficient nuclear and natural gas plants out of business while making California dependent on other states. 

Bad idea. Now, when it’s hot outside, California can’t meet its own people’s energy demands — and the Los Angeles Mayor is even telling his constituents to unplug appliances and set the thermostat to a low of 78. 

It’s tempting to think that California is its own special kind of basket case, but Joe Biden’s energy plan could make the rest of America look like the Golden State. He wants to double down on mandates that make no economic sense, and many experts are warning that California is just a preview of Biden’s policies. Let’s hope his plan never sees the light of day.

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Israel’s New Friends 

American leadership is causing other countries to embrace our ally, Israel. It’s one of the most positive foreign policy developments in recent years — one that will advance peace in the Middle East and across the world.

The latest good news comes from two European countries, Serbia and Kosovo. As part of a deal arranged by the United States, Serbia is moving its embassy to Jerusalem and Kosovo is officially recognizing Israel. Meanwhile, the Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain is reportedly preparing to diplomatically recognize Israel, as well.

These moves follow the United Arab Emirates’ historic recognition of Israel last month — the first time in years that a Middle Eastern nation has done so. America brokered that deal, too. These are further reminders that U.S. engagement can make a powerful impact for peace and prosperity. 

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