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American Culture

May 4, 2021

Far-Left Anti-Police Rhetoric Is Fatal 💀

The far left’s hatred of the police is having deadly consequences. As anti-police rhetoric ramps up, some 111 officers have died in the line of duty in the first four months of 2021 alone. Tragically, the number of police deaths for 2021 is likely to surpass last year’s total.  It’s not just police deaths: Record numbers […] READ MORE

American Culture

May 3, 2021

GOP: No Woke Education Takeover 🛑

The bad news: President Joe Biden wants to inundate America’s students with woke propaganda. But there’s good news: GOP senators won’t let him allow a woke education takeover without a fight. On Friday, 38 Republican senators called on the Biden administration to revoke its new rule that would fund anti-American curriculum with taxpayer dollars. The […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 29, 2021

Biden’s First 100 Days: A Big Government Takeover 😧

In December, Nikki Haley said 2020 was the year socialism went mainstream. Just four months later, it’s equally evident. Socialism is gaining ground in Biden’s first 100 days in office. Joe Biden made this clear in last night’s message to Congress. He’s fulfilling the far left’s vision of building the biggest government America’s ever seen. […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 28, 2021

Biden’s First 100 Days: Woke Division 💔

On day one, President Joe Biden called for “unity” and “respect.” He hasn’t delivered. In Biden’s first 100 days in office, him and the Democratic Party have done nothing but sow more distrust, disdain, and division—because that’s the inevitable result of their anti-American “woke” worldview. Biden has bought into the far-left falsehood that America is […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 27, 2021

Biden’s First 100 Days: Lawless Liberalism 😟

Enforcing the law has gone out of style—at least according to President Biden. During his first 100 days in office, Biden hasn’t just turned a blind eye to lawlessness. He’s encouraged it.  Proof: The southern border—one of the most obvious (and dangerous) examples. As Amb. Haley has pointed out, it took Joe Biden less than […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 26, 2021

Liberal “Equity” Undermines Education 📓

The left’s latest attempt to put “equity” at the center of education should concern every parent and American. Liberal “equity” undermines education, here’s why. Education officials in Virginia have already been busy renaming schools across the state to advance racial equity. Now the Virginia Department of Education is going even further by pushing to eliminate advanced high […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 23, 2021

AOC’s Green New Deal Delusion 🌿

President Joe Biden is busy kowtowing to China at his climate summit while the “Squad” tries to destroy our economy in the name of climate change. This week, AOC’s Green New Deal was reintroduced calling for the complete elimination of fossil-fuel energy production, government-provided “healthy food,” more union handouts, and an energy overhaul that could cost families […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 22, 2021

Nikki Haley: Socialism Pummels The Little Guy 🧎‍♂️

What is one of the left’s biggest falsehoods? “We’re fighting for the little guy.” In her latest op-ed for the Daily Wire, Nikki Haley warns that as Democrats move further towards socialism, many of their policies empower liberal friends, firms, and unions—all while leaving the majority of Americans out to dry. As Nikki says, this is exactly what […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 21, 2021

Attn GOP: Don’t Waste Our Money 💰

To waste money, or not to waste money? That is the question. Today, senate Republicans will vote on whether to repeal the earmark ban they instituted in 2011. We have a message for these senators: Say no to earmarks. Earmarking exploits taxpayer dollars and stokes corruption by letting lawmakers slip personal wish-list items into spending bills. […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 20, 2021

Amb. Haley China Is Our Foe 🇨🇳

Amb. Haley has a warning for America: Communist China is our biggest global threat.  In her third PragerU video, she explains how Communist China’s rise threatens freedom and safety for America and the whole world.  ​ China’s endgame is total world dominance. As Amb. Haley puts it, “China is using its growing economic clout to […] READ MORE
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