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American Culture

April 19, 2021

No, Joe Biden, America Isn’t Racist 😡

The Biden administration continues a favorite liberal foreign policy tradition at the United Nations: Blame America.  Last week, Biden’s U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. gave a speech condemning America as racist. She spent more time explaining how America was founded on white supremacy than she did calling out human rights violations like China’s genocide. As Amb. […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 17, 2021

What We’re Standing Against

Quick Summary: The Democrats are trying to turn public opinion against GOP election reforms advancing in states across America. What’s motivating their assault? They need to gain momentum to push the liberals’ “For the People Act” through Congress. This is the same bill we warned about in January that’s all about ensuring liberal victories at […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 16, 2021

Alert: Liberal Court Packing Gets Closer 😧

Joe Biden said he’s “studying” packing the Supreme Court. Now Congress says they’re doing it. Yesterday, the Democrats introduced legislation to add four justices to the Supreme Court. Liberals are getting closer to packing the Supreme Court. This move would give the Democrats a liberal majority in the nation’s highest court, which is precisely the […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 15, 2021

“Squad” Anti-Police Rhetoric = More Violence 🚨

The far left is capitalizing on a Minnesota police shooting to up the ante from “defund the police” to supporting complete and total lawlessness in America. Here is what we know: anti-police rhetoric brings violence. Take “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), for example, who tweeted: “No more policing, incarceration, and militarization.”  ​ Come again? […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 14, 2021

Biden’s Union Boondoggle 🙄

We’ve already told you how Biden’s infrastructure bill is anything but. Here’s more proof: The bill has a $400 billion handout to unions that has nothing to do with roads and bridges.  Much of this massive sum would head straight for the coffers of the SEIU—a big liberal labor union that specializes in health care, […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 13, 2021

Where’s Kamala? 👀

It’s been 20 days since Vice President Kamala Harris was tapped to fix the Biden-inflicted crisis on our southern border. Where has she been? Everywhere but the border.  ​ Last week, Harris visited Oakland, California, to tout Biden’s farce of an “infrastructure” package. Then she swung by Chicago to buddy up to unions and eat […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 12, 2021

Biden’s Court-Packing Ploy 🧑‍⚖

Democrats have wanted to pack the Supreme Court with more liberal justices for years. Now Joe Biden is laying the groundwork for this dangerous scheme—court packing.  On Friday, Biden established a commission with the sole purpose of studying court packing. There’s broad and bipartisan agreement that this is a bad idea—even liberal Supreme Court Justice […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 10, 2021

What We’re Standing For

Quick summary: Woke corporations have become the new liberal mob. Big companies are caving to pressure from the far-left and trying to bully legislators to do the same. What happened? Last month, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) signed an election integrity bill that helps protect elections from fraud and expands voting options. Liberal activists called […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 8, 2021

Red States: No Vaccine Passports ❌

Americans loathe the idea of a government-issued vaccine passport. But vaccine passports in blue states like New York and Hawaii are pushing forward anyway.  Fortunately, many conservatives are fighting back in red states across America. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued executive orders banning vaccine passports. Others in Georgia, Tennessee, and […] READ MORE

American Culture

April 7, 2021

Biden Should Learn From Trump 🤭

Amb. Nikki Haley has a message for Joe Biden: when it comes to our border, learn a lesson from Trump.  In her latest op-ed, Nikki explains that fixing the immigration problem requires being tough on our enemies and honest with our friends. When we lead, they will follow. That’s what Nikki did at the UN, […] READ MORE
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