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American Culture

December 28, 2022

And A Happy New Year 🎊

It was a tough year for millions of Americans—from historically high inflation and rising gas prices to uncertainty both at home and abroad. But there’s still plenty to be thankful for—and there’s also reason to believe the next year can be much better and the future much brighter. After all, conservative leaders drove real progress across the country over the […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 27, 2022

Another Year of Biden’s Failures At Home… 👎

President Biden’s second year in office is almost over. It’s hard to imagine he could have worse results to show for it. That’s especially true here at home, where liberals’ far-left policies have set American families back. When it comes to the economy, Biden’s big-government approach has caused things to go from bad to worse. Just look at […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 21, 2022

The Spending Nightmare Before Christmas 🤑

We’re just a few days away from gathering around the fire, unwrapping presents, and Yuletide feasts. But one thing headed our way that no one had on their Christmas list? The $1.7 trillion government spending bill barreling through Congress. For context: This $1.7 trillion only adds to the nearly $5 trillion President Biden and his liberal allies have already spent since […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 20, 2022

Biden’s Woke Trick 🏗

Remember the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill President Biden signed last year? Well, just like we warned, it’s helping funnel your taxpayer dollars to the left’s pet projects. Just last week, the Biden administration announced $1.5 billion in new grant funding—but only if states and communities buy into liberals’ woke agenda. That includes “addressing racial equity”—which […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 8, 2022

Wokeism Comes For Your 401k 😱

President Biden’s mismanagement of our economy has caused retirement accounts to plummet by $34,000 in value on average. But those lost dollars could be just the start—thanks to a woke regulation from Biden’s administration. link Biden’s Department of Labor recently finalized a rule that will allow retirement advisors to invest your hard-earned money in liberal […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 8, 2022

Communist China Cons U.S. Taxpayers 😡

What’s worse than when lawmakers are reckless with our taxpayer dollars? When hackers linked to Communist China steal millions of them from our government with ease. link The Secret Service recently announced that cybercriminals in China stole at least $20 million in COVID relief funds, including through fraudulent business loans and unemployment benefits. Not only […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 5, 2022

Liberals Put The “Lame” In Lame-Duck Spending 🦆

Hold onto your checkbooks, ladies and gentlemen. With a Republican majority taking over the House of Representatives in January, Democrats are hellbent on spending as much of your money as possible while they still have power. Congress is considering spending proposals that add up to more than $3.3 trillion—despite already spending a stunning $5 trillion […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 2, 2022

Biden’s Wrong On Inflation 😡

This week, President Biden said that “inflation [has] started to slow.” But American families everywhere are still paying a lot more than we should just to get by. Just look at the numbers: October’s inflation rate is still near a 40-year high. Compared to last year, our families are spending an extra $433 each month […] READ MORE

American Culture

December 1, 2022

Republicans Pig Out On Earmarks 🐖

Bad news from Washington yesterday: Behind closed doors and through a secret ballot, Republicans in Congress refused to ban earmarks. That’s a mistake—and it threatens to make our spending-and-inflation crisis even worse. The earmarks that Republicans refuse to ban will only grease the wheels for what could be a big spending blowout in the upcoming […] READ MORE

American Culture

November 30, 2022

Liberals Want Welfare Over Work 🙅

Don’t be fooled by liberals’ latest gimmick. Their loud calls to bring back the expanded federal “child tax credit” will only hurt the families they’ve already buried under Bidenflation. link After all, we’ve seen the damage it did last year. Under President Biden, the expanded credit discouraged hundreds of thousands of people from working—and if […] READ MORE
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