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Foreign Aid

April 9, 2021

Biden Negotiates With Terrorists 🚨

This week, Joe Biden set out to reverse some of Donald Trump’s most important policy wins in the Middle East. Who’s winning now? Terrorists and corrupt groups that hate America and Israel.  The Biden administration announced this week that it’s ready to lift sanctions on Iran and reenter the dangerous nuclear deal without demanding Iran […] READ MORE

Foreign Aid

April 8, 2021

Red States: No Vaccine Passports ❌

Americans loathe the idea of a government-issued vaccine passport. But vaccine passports in blue states like New York and Hawaii are pushing forward anyway.  Fortunately, many conservatives are fighting back in red states across America. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued executive orders banning vaccine passports. Others in Georgia, Tennessee, and […] READ MORE

Foreign Aid

April 7, 2021

Biden Should Learn From Trump 🤭

Amb. Nikki Haley has a message for Joe Biden: when it comes to our border, learn a lesson from Trump.  In her latest op-ed, Nikki explains that fixing the immigration problem requires being tough on our enemies and honest with our friends. When we lead, they will follow. That’s what Nikki did at the UN, […] READ MORE

Foreign Aid

March 11, 2021

Biden’s New Nickname: The “Migrant President” 😬

What’s a surefire sign that Biden’s border crisis has reached new levels of danger? Answer: when Mexico’s president calls Biden the “migrant president,” and Mexican officials say his policies are empowering violent gangs.  We already know migrant border crossings have skyrocketed because of Biden’s lax immigration policies. It didn’t take Mexico’s organized crime units long […] READ MORE