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September 23, 2020

A Paycheck Record 🧑‍💼

The facts are in: Conservative policies mean bigger paychecks for working families. The latest report from the U.S. Census shows that American incomes hit a record in 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, Americans did far better under the Trump administration than they did under the Obama administration. The contrast between the two administrations is intense. During the […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

September 18, 2020

“Where Are The Police?” 🚓

Remember when the Minneapolis City Council voted to defund the police? Now those same politicians are wondering why violent crime is soaring in their city. It turns out that actions have consequences. One Minneapolis resident put it best: “You feel like you’re in a war zone.” Sure enough, violent crime has reached terrifying levels: “More people have been killed in […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

September 17, 2020

The High Cost Of Riots 🔥

The bill for this year’s urban violence is coming due. In the two weeks after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, rioters and looters across the country racked up between $1 and $2 billion in property damage. These riots were the most destructive in American history. Even these shocking numbers don’t tell the full story. The violence […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

September 16, 2020

Biden’s Budget Blowout 💰

Joe Biden would push America closer to bankruptcy. Tuesday we told you about Biden’s plan for massive tax hikes. Now the staggering cost of his policy proposals is becoming clear, and so is a hard truth: If Joe Biden gets what he wants, Americans will pay the price. There are two good estimates of Joe Biden’s plans. The first, from […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

September 14, 2020

Police Are Paying The Price 👮

Law enforcement officers are now being shot in the streets. In the latest example of anti-police rhetoric turning into violence, two sheriff’s deputies were ambushed in Los Angeles over the weekend. “Defund the police” is quickly turning into “attack the police.” The victims of this attack were a 31-year-old mother and a 24-year-old man. Both had been on the force for less […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

September 9, 2020

Liberal Tax Hypocrisy 🙄

Who knew that liberals love tax cuts for the rich? They’d never put it that way, but that’s what Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and virtually everyone on the left are demanding with their calls to repeal a key part of the 2017 tax reform law. Democrats are promising to roll back one of the most important […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

September 8, 2020

California’s Blackout Warning ⚡

California’s embarrassing energy crisis is the result of bad liberal policies. As California starts the week facing rolling blackouts, it’s worth asking why the nation’s richest state is dealing with an issue typically facing poor countries — and why the rest of America should be worried. California’s energy problems are the fault of government control. For years, the state […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

September 3, 2020

Joe Biden Gets Schooled 🎒

Joe Biden’s policies are bad news for students and parents. His platform is filled with promises to shovel more money toward a broken education system that fails millions of kids — and would shut off programs that give families the freedom to send their kids to better schools. School choice is one of the most important issues for […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

September 2, 2020

Biden’s Bad Plan for American Energy 🤦‍♀️

In Pennsylvania this week, Joe Biden asked: “Do I look like a radical socialist?” The better question is whether the socialists who are gaining power in the Democratic Party are exerting a greater influence on Biden’s platform. The answer is clearly yes. Since Biden was in Pennsylvania to talk about energy policy, it’s worth starting there. – […] READ MORE

The Stand - Daily Newsletter

August 31, 2020

The Chaos Continues 🔥

Will it ever end? Riots and violence continued to spill into America’s city streets over the weekend. In Portland, a violent confrontation left one person dead. Two police officers were shot in Chicago; another two officers were shot in St. Louis.  The deadly weekend follows one of the most violent weeks since widespread riots started this spring. The dust […] READ MORE
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