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August 31, 2020

The Chaos Continues 🔥

Will it ever end? Riots and violence continued to spill into America’s city streets over the weekend. In Portland, a violent confrontation left one person dead. Two police officers were shot in Chicago; another two officers were shot in St. Louis

The deadly weekend follows one of the most violent weeks since widespread riots started this spring. The dust is settling in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following multiple nights of chaos. After local police shot a black man during an altercation that’s still under investigation, rioters quickly took to the streets. Multiple people were shot and dozens of businesses were set on fire. The small Wisconsin town is reeling from the destruction.

Meanwhile, on the final night of the Republican National Convention, angry protesters swarmed attendees as they departed the White House grounds. At least one person was punched and Members of Congress were viciously harassed, before protesters started fighting with the police. Once again, the nation’s capital was beset by violence.

The chaos is now so out of control that some Democrats are starting to condemn it. Yet, rather than take responsibility for local leaders’ failure to enforce order and protect public safety, most Democrats are blaming the administration. Never mind that virtually every city with major riots is run by liberals.

As the madness continues, tens of million of Americans are watching and wondering: When will the people we elect to protect us start doing their job? If they don’t get the message, politicians need to be sent a much stronger one at the ballot box.

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