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American Culture

December 10, 2021

2021: The Year Murder Gripped America

2021: The Year Murder Gripped America

It’s official: 2021 is the year of record-blasting murder rates. At least a dozen of America’s largest cities have shattered annual homicide records this year—and 2021 isn’t even over yet.

By the way, all 12 of these cities are run by DemocratsLiberals spent the past year and a half letting criminals off the hook and demonizing brave law enforcement officers while pushing to defund them. Their anti-police, crime-encouraging actions directly coincided with a 45% jump in the rate of police officer retirements across the country. Now, violence is exploding in our communities. Chicago takes the cake for the highest number of killings in 2021 at 739 (and counting). In Philadelphia, more people (521, to be exact) have been murdered this year than in America’s two largest cities. 

One New York police officer said, “It’s worse than a war zone around here.” This frightening fact should be enough to convince Democrats to abandon their soft-on-crime strategies and stop the violence. All Americans deserve leaders who protect them.  

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A $1.9 Trillion Disgrace 😔

Remember when the Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion COVID “stimulus” bill, only about five percent of which went toward combating COVID? Nine months later, it’s clear: This costly move has done nothing but damage our economy and cripple American families. 

In a report from earlier this week, the Manhattan Institute’s Brian Riedl explains how: 

  • It added $1.9 trillion to our already massive national debt. In interest payments alone, the government will be paying$60 billion every year for the foreseeable future.
  • It exacerbated skyrocketing inflation—by pouring loads of cash into an economy already crumbling under a supply chain crisisPrices rose an astounding 6.8% in November.
  • It sent anti-recovery unemployment checks to workers as businesses tried to boom back from lockdowns. Now, workers are getting back to work much slower than expected.
  • It funneled cash to states that didn’t need it (see California) and banned them from using the money to refund taxpayers. 

This stimulus scheme was the most expensive bill passed in five decades. Now, Dems are trying to beat their personal record by pushing to pass another $1.75 trillion socialist nightmare before Christmas. How many times do we need to say that this would be horrible for America?

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