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December 27, 2021

2021: The Year Conservatives Fought Back

2021: The Year Conservatives Fought Back

Inflation. More COVID. Crime. Wokeness run amok. We get it. There have been some disastrous policies in 2021, but conservatives haven’t given up the fight for a stronger, brighter America. Here are some of our favorite conservative wins from the past year.

Fighting for students with school choice: As kids around the country fell further behind in virtual schooling, red state lawmakers put their proverbial foot down. State after state passed new or expanded school choice programs that allow students—especially low-income students—to get the education that best fits their individual needs.

(Credit: Carolyn Kaster / AP)

West Virginia passed the largest education savings account program in the country, and Florida expanded its already wide-ranging school choice landscape. Ohio, New Hampshire, and Arizona—all these states and more—disregarded teachers union bosses (who hate school choice) and put students first by securing more learning options for them. 

Work > handouts: As Democrats turned on the handout spigot with their $1.9 trillion “stimulus” bill, many people realized they could earn more money collecting unemployment benefits at home than working. So what happened? Throughout the spring and summer of 2021, people stopped working, and businesses eager to boom back from lockdowns struggled to find the workers they needed. In August, there were 10 million jobs available—the most ever. Biden’s excessive giveaways put the skids on our economy just as COVID started to wane, postponing the recovery Americans desperately needed.

Enter Republican governors (and one Democrat governor). Twenty-five states opted out of the federal government’s anti-recovery unemployment program as early as June, even though the program wasn’t scheduled to expire until September. We shouldn’t be surprised that red states experienced economic recovery much faster than blue states.   

Leading the crackdown on China: All year, the GOP led the charge in calling out Communist China for crushing freedom, violating human rights, and committing mass genocide. They introduced the toughest legislation on China in years that would prompt an investigation into its coronavirus cover-ups and stop our universities from getting its communist money.  

Then two weeks ago, the U.S. House and Senate unanimously passed Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, banning goods made by Uyghur slave labor from entering the U.S. market. Woke corporations—like Nike and Coca-Cola—which are all too happy to rebuke Americans, lobbied against the bill. Thankfully, they lost this battle. It’s truly a victory when Congress comes together, especially on an issue as important as communist genocide of religious minorities.

Securing our border: While Biden and Democrats in Congress pushed policies that encouraged more illegal immigration, the GOP took action to stop it. Nine Republican governors went to the border to witness the crisis for themselves. Then they laid out a 10-point plan with practical steps the Biden administration can take to fix it—like restoring successful Trump-era policies, funding the border wall, and deploying more law enforcement officers. Kudos to the leaders coming up with solutions to Biden’s out-of-control border crisis that rages on. 

Showdown with Putin: Joe Biden has been kowtowing to Russia since the day he took office. Biden claims he opposes Vladimir Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, but he did little to stop Russia from finishing it. He even waived Trump’s sanctions on the pipeline earlier this year. Not only has Biden’s weakness emboldened Putin; it could empower Russia with extra cash to fund its ongoing aggression and strengthen the Kremlin’s control over Europe’s energy supply.

While Biden spent this year setting up meetings and Zoom calls with Russia’s dictator, the GOP called Biden out for going soft on him. Then Republicans—led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)—took action. Next month, the Senate will vote on whether to sanction Nord Stream 2 and stop its operation, since Biden won’t. 

The GOP-led triumphs of 2021 give us a lot of hope as we head into 2022. Democrats may control Washington, but one thing’s for sure: Republicans won’t stop speaking truth to bad liberal policies and working tirelessly to put our country back on the right course—toward more freedom, safety, and opportunity. 

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