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June 6, 2022

(500) Days of Biden – Vol. 2 🚨

(500) Days of Biden – Vol. 2 🚨

On Friday we explained how President Biden’s liberal agenda has left millions of families less prosperous at home. He’s also made our country weaker and less secure abroad.

Biden is Helping our Enemies

The president’s weakness has given a big green light to every bad guy who hates America.

  • He abandoned Afghanistan, which told our enemies they can bully us into retreating. China, Russia, and Iran now think America lacks the will to defend our way of life.
  • He encouraged Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying a “minor incursion” would be no big deal. Weeks later, Putin launched a war. Biden also waited too long on sanctions. And then he delayed sending the military aid Ukrainians need to fight back.
  • He was fooled by Iran. He nearly agreed to a new nuclear deal that would have paved the way for arming Tehran with a bomb and handed the world’s largest state sponsor of terror billions of U.S. dollars.
  • He has no real solutions to counter Communist China, including holding it accountable for its COVID cover upWhile the president is focused on climate change, Beijing is taking steps to conquer Taiwan and push America out of the Pacific.
  • He’s emboldened North Korea to accelerate its nuclear and ballistic missile program—expanding its tests from four in 2020 to nearly 20 missile tests already this year.

These are the wages of weakness. The American people are less safe now than we were just 500 days ago—and Biden still has two and a half years to make things even worse.

Hurting our Friends 500 days of President Biden

It’s not just what Biden has done for our enemies. It’s also what he hasn’t done for our allies and partners.

  • He didn’t stand with Israel when he funded a “pay to slay” program that supports terrorists who murder Israelis and rejoined the UN Human Rights Council.
  • He hasn’t rallied Europe to support Ukraine to the strongest extent. Instead, he’s often followed Europe’s lead, instead of being the leader of the free world.

How much more dangerous does the world have to get—and how much less safe do we have to be—before the American people hold Joe Biden and his allies in Congress accountable? We shouldn’t wait 500 more days before repairing Biden’s damage—at home or abroad.

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