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June 3, 2022

(500) Days of Biden – Vol. 1 🆘

(500) Days of Biden – Vol. 1 🆘

It’s been nearly 500 days since President Biden took office. Inflation was at 1.4% then. It’s at 8.3% now—and millions of Americans have suffered because of it.

Unfortunately, a lot of the other numbers that measure how our country is faring are just as bad—if not worse. 

Let’s look at just a few of them:

Rising Prices, Falling Wages

  • $4.76That’s the average price of gas today, thanks in large part to Biden’s war on American energy. It was only $2.38 when he took office.
  • 8.3%. It’s the most recent consumer inflation rate—and Biden’s trillion-dollar spending sprees helped fuel that fire. It means your hard-earned dollars are worth less than they were before Biden. Since last year, Americans have effectively suffered a 2.6% pay cut. In fact, it’s been almost forty years since Americans’ real wages fell as fast as they have under his administration. The cost for families to buy what they need is out of control, too. For example, we warned that Bidenflation helped drive up theprice of potato chips by 20%.
  • $30 trillion. That was the national debt in February—and it’s only gone up since. Biden’s pork barrel handouts and industry giveaways don’t just hurt everyday families today. His reckless spending promises to be a burden on taxpayers—including through $1 trillion each year in interest payments—for decades to come.

Record-Breaking Illegal Immigration

  • 2.7 million. Thanks to Biden’s efforts to roll back Trump-era policies, that’s the number of illegal immigrants who have crossed our southern border since he took office. Even worse? Under his administration, at least 1.5 million have been let in.
  • 234,088. That’s how many illegal immigrants were encounteredtrying to cross in April alone after Biden announced his decision to end Title 42—law enforcement’s best tool for turning people away at the border. That’s the most in a century.
  • 42. It’show many people on the terrorism watchlist have been arrested attempting to enter our country—an average of about one every two weeks. One of those suspected terrorists was even released into the U.S.

Surging Crime and Skyrocketing Overdoses

  • 40%. That’s the rise in violent crimes in New York City so far in 2022 compared to last year. We’ve warned that Biden and his woke allies’ “soft on crime” approach would only make things worse for innocent families.
  • 108,000. It’s the number of Americans who lost their lives to drug overdoses last year—15% more than the year before, and by far the most in our country’s history. Nearly two out of three were caused by illegal fentanyl, the vast majority of which comes through our southern border. As we’ve pointed out, Biden and his liberal allies’ inaction when it comes to prosecuting the traffickers promises to flood our streets with even more deadly drugs.

It’s not a rosy picture. We have every reason to believe Biden isn’t up to the task of making things better. Conservatives are stepping up to fill that leadership gap—from their plans for unleashing American energy and actually reining in Bidenflation to securing our border once and for all.

The numbers show how urgent it is for lawmakers to act. Things have gotten a lot worse over the last 500 days. Washington shouldn’t wait 500 more before taking reasonable steps to make things better for American families. 500 days of President Biden

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