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August 26, 2021

A Kamala Harris Blind Spot 🚙

A Kamala Harris Blind Spot 🚙

Leave it to Vice President Kamala Harris to help President Joe Biden sink America’s global reputation. This week, she’s flying around Asia trying to convince our allies that we’ll protect them from China—as the Biden administration takes orders from Taliban terrorists. 

Yes, you heard us right. Yesterday, Harris promised Vietnam that the U.S. would “maintain a strong presence” in the South China Sea and “challenge Beijing’s bullying.” Is Harris delusional, tone-deaf, or both? The world is watching the Biden administration desert our Afghan allies, ignore pleas from other allies to extend our withdrawal, and cave to ruthless terrorists. 

It’s time for Harris to get a grip. No U.S. ally is comforted by her words. And our enemies are laughing at them. 

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States Win Border Security Battle 🎉

On Tuesday, we warned about President Biden’s ploy to overrule states and block a successful Trump-era border policy. Good news: Yesterday, the Supreme Court sided with states and revived Trump’s rule. Now, asylum seekers must wait in Mexico as U.S. courts process their cases. 

This is a huge win for states, taxpayers, and all Americans who want their border secured. The asylum system is so backlogged that it can take up to five years to resolve an asylum claim—more than 80% of which are ultimately rejected. There’s no justifying giving migrants a free, five-year ticket to live in U.S. cities and use up state resources on taxpayers’ dime.

Under President Biden, border security triumphs are few and far between. We’re happy the Supreme Court helped states pull out a win this week. 

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