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American Culture

November 8, 2022

America Will Self-Correct 🗳️

America Will Self-Correct 🗳️

Happy Election Day! All of us at Stand For America hope you plan to vote, if you haven’t already. Today is our best chance as a nation to overcome our biggest obstacles and move America towards a future of opportunity, prosperity, security, and strength. link

The challenges we face today are greater than at any time in recent memory—from an energy crisis that makes it harder for us to heat our homes, to historic inflation that’s raised the cost of putting food on the table, to a far-left takeover of our schools that threatens our kids’ futures, and to a crime wave that endangers all of our lives.

But Election Day gives us the chance to put our country back on the right track. As Nikki Haley often says: “America has an incredible capacity to self-correct.”

We couldn’t agree more. And today, the American people will prove it once again.

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