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American Culture

March 14, 2022

Biden-flation Gets Even Worse 😟

Biden-flation Gets Even Worse 😟

Inflation just hit another 40-year highConsumer prices rose 7.9% over the last year, and working families fell further behind. It’s another month in Joe Biden’s America.

The president and his media allies are spinning this as Vladimir Putin’s faultDon’t fall for it. Inflation was breaking records for months before the war in Ukraine. The real cause of Biden-flation is… Biden. He’s the one who passed trillions of dollars in new debt and spending, which drove up prices for working families. He’s the one calling for trillions more, which will make this crisis even worse.

Families and small businesses deserve real solutions—but instead, the president is pushing through a $1.5 trillion spending bill that will make government bigger (and has earmarks to boot). Until Washington gets its spending addiction under control, inflation will keep spiraling out of control.

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Planes To Ukraine, Please 🇺🇦

Ukraine needs all the help the U.S. and the West can give. But Joe Biden is backing down at the exact moment we should be stepping up. Just look at what’s happening with Ukraine’s plea for fighter jets—and the message the president is sending to Vladimir Putin.

Last week, Poland offered to send 23 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. Congress and our NATO allies were on board. But then Biden blinked. He personally vetoed the plan, dividing the West and sending a clear signal to Putin that this White House can be bullied into backing down. Biden thinks he’s stopping escalation, but he’s only encouraging Putin to escalate.

The Russian dictator will gladly accept. He’s already bombing schoolshospitals, and refugees fleeing Ukrainian cities. We can’t let him set U.S. policy too. Ukraine needs help. Our allies are willing to give it. America should send Ukraine the MiGs.

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