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American Culture

April 22, 2022

Biden Is Slowing America Down đźš—

Biden Is Slowing America Down đźš—

President Biden said the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill he signed last fall was a “monumental step forward for the nation.” In reality, not so much. Especially since he just made it even harder and more expensive to build America’s roads, bridges, and pipelines.

This week, the Biden administration rolled back a Trump-era policy that sped up environmental reviews for new infrastructure. What does that mean? Now, it’s not enough to make sure a pipeline won’t pollute a river. Builders might also need to show whether the oil it pumps would increase gas emissions 30 miles away. Studies like that can add nearly five years and upwards of $4 million to a project. And who does that help? The liberal activists who want to slow down new infrastructure, not the everyday families who rely on it most.

Instead, Joe Biden should listen to conservatives’ plans to speed our country up—like stopping union handouts or slashing the red tape that holds back new projects. These are the real solutions Americans want—ones that make their lives better, not worse.$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

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No Woke Medicine đź©ş

You’ve heard about woke universities. And woke corporations. But the liberal mob is also doing real harm to one of the most important parts of our lives: healthcare.

Look at medical research and its 2,700 recent papers on “racism and medicine.” It’s no surprise that doctors were burning out long before COVID—studies like these wrongly accuse them of giving bad care to minority patients. This wokeism is infecting doctors’ offices, too. Starting this year, the Biden administration is effectively bribing physicians to make decisions about care based largely on a patient’s race. 

Let’s be clear: turning healthcare into a woke game isn’t just discriminatory, it’s dangerous. As a doctor fighting this alarming trend said: “We want to stop this infiltration of politics in the healthcare system…” We couldn’t agree more.

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