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Climate change

May 23, 2022

Biden’s Bad Retirement Advice 🤨

Biden’s Bad Retirement Advice 🤨

The Biden administration already said they won’t “let a crisis go to waste” when pushing their climate agenda. They’re even willing to create a crisis themselves by attacking Americans’ retirement accounts.

Biden’s Labor Department recently proposed a new rule that could force people who manage retirement accounts to prioritize climate change when they invest money—even if it means earning less of it. That’s wrong. Investment advisors should be focused on securing your future, not catering to the left’s radical climate agenda. Thankfully, conservative leaders from 24 states are pushing back. In a letter led by Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, they argue that advisors “must be held to their duties of prudence and loyalty” and that “singling-out climate-related risk is unjustifiable.” Amen.

Liberals need to keep their Green New Deal dreams out of hardworking families’ retirement accounts.

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Pregnant Men? Liberals Think So 🤦

You may have noticed that Apple recently came out with a pregnant man emoji. It seemed like a terrible joke. Apparently, liberals didn’t see it that way—and they’ve taken the idea way too far.

Last week, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) asked the head of an abortion advocacy group whether men can get pregnant. She said “yes.” It’s just the most recent example of liberals’ efforts to undermine women. Like last year, when the Biden administration started calling moms “birthing persons.”

Every mom deserves respect for the miracle she performs by bringing kids into the world. When will liberals get the memo that pandering to the woke left is an insult to women—and to us all?

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