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American Culture

February 14, 2022

Biden’s Border Disaster 🚨

Biden’s Border Disaster 🚨

The bad news keeps pouring in about President Biden’s failed open border policies. U.S. deportations fell 70% in 2021. Of the 1.7 million illegal immigrants caught by Border Patrol agents last year, only about 3% were sent home.

But it’s even worse than that. Most of the deportations from the first half of the year began under President Trump. Once Biden’s team was fully in place, they deported barely 100 illegal immigrants a day. 

This crisis isn’t an accident. Remember when Biden first entered office, he tried to shut down deportations altogether. When courts ruled that was illegal, he changed enforcement rules so that being in the country illegally is no longer reason enough to be deported. One year of this disaster is enough. For America’s safety and security, the president needs to secure our border—now. Open Border Policies

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San Francisco’s Parents Fight Back 👊

Even in ultra-liberal San Francisco, parents are saying “enough” to anti-student wokeness and COVID extremism. Tomorrow, three members of San Francisco’s school board face recall elections

They have certainly earned their criticism. All three spent the pandemic not reopening schools, but trying to erase references to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln from school property. One parent spearheading the recall effort summed it up best: 

“We’ve had a real tragic 1 ½ years of the school board basically abandoning our children…This is the first ray of real hope we have of correcting the shift, and getting better leadership in place, and getting the focus back on education, and ensuring that every child in San Francisco has the future they deserve.”

Whether the recall is successful or not, the message is clear: Stop the woke agenda and stop holding back our kids. Liberals everywhere need to listen. 

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