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American Culture

February 9, 2022

Biden’s Dangerous Drug Plan 💉

Biden’s Dangerous Drug Plan 💉

As America’s opioid crisis continues to spiral, the Biden administration’s “plan” to address it is simply dangerous. It would help opioid addicts take more opioids. 

Biden’s Justice Department may soon endorse “safe” injection sites in American cities, where drug users can shoot up while social workers look on to make sure nothing (else!) goes wrong. This is beyond reckless. Opioid overdose deaths hit a devastating record last year of 100,000. The answer is not to ignore the law but to enforce it. As one San Francisco mother of a young, recovering addict put it, the city’s “safe” injection sites are “like having an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in an open bar.” Opioid Crisis

If Democrats want to help drug users, they should stop the flow of drugs over the border, and help local cops clean up drug-ravaged communities. Instead, as Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) said: “Democrat leadership is enabling illegal drug use.” This is not “harm reduction,” it’s surrender.

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Iran Is Taking Joe Biden To The Cleaners 😡

Dangerous news from the U.S.-Iran nuclear talks: The Biden administration just granted Tehran relief from economic sanctions in exchange for nothing. And the ayatollahs say it still isn’t enough.

Reentering the Iran deal was always a bad idea. Offering the ayatollahs upfront concessions to rejoin is even worse, especially as Iran continues to sponsor terrorism, skirt nuclear inspections, and threaten former Trump administration officials.

As Nikki Haley said this week:

“By lifting sanctions, Biden is giving Iran a win for absolutely nothing in return. He continues to fall all over himself to get into Iran’s good graces. The ayatollahs know Biden will do anything to keep them at the table and they are taking full advantage of us in the process.”

We already know that President Biden is willing to do a deal with the devil instead of protecting America. Congress must step in so Biden doesn’t do even more damage kowtowing to Tehran’s tyrants. 

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