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American Culture

March 17, 2022

Biden’s Energy Crisis 📈

Biden’s Energy Crisis 📈

America’s energy crisis is not Vladimir Putin’s fault. And it’s not the oil and gas companies’ fault either. It’s President Biden’s. New documents show how he was out to handicap American energy production from day one.

On Biden’s first day in office, the administration suspended approvals of new leases and drilling permits. What else did Biden do on day one? He shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s almost as if he set out to make energy more expensive. Mission accomplished.

Yet now—even with gas reaching $4.43 per gallon—the far left in Congress is calling on Biden to declare a “climate emergency” and ban all energy production on federal lands. The left doesn’t think your pain at the pump is a problem. It’s their policy. Biden’s energy crisis

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Conservatives Unmask Mandates 😷 🚈

On Tuesday night, Senate conservatives led the way to overturn the federal transportation mask mandate that President Biden just extended. Finally some common sense from Congress. 

Forcing people to still mask up on planes, trains, and buses—even if they’re vaccinated—has no basis in science or public health. It’s pure politics. As Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS)—who sponsored the legislation—said: “these rules are malarkey.”

The American people have suffered enough. It’s time to turn the page on COVID and the mindless rules liberals still want to impose on us.

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