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American Culture

April 29, 2021

Biden’s First 100 Days: A Big Government Takeover 😧

Biden’s First 100 Days: A Big Government Takeover 😧

In December, Nikki Haley said 2020 was the year socialism went mainstream. Just four months later, it’s equally evident. Socialism is gaining ground in Biden’s first 100 days in office.

Joe Biden made this clear in last night’s message to Congress. He’s fulfilling the far left’s vision of building the biggest government America’s ever seen. And he’s doing it through destructive welfare handouts, sky-high spending, and taxes that will trample American workers.

Yesterday, Biden announced a nearly $2 trillion spending package that would shackle more Americans to the government and stifle them from rising. It includes a massive extension of a no-strings-attached welfare program the Democrats plan to make permanent, along with free college for everyone, a more powerful IRS, and a $200 billion expansion of Obamacare.

Biden’s new plan marks the third multi-trillion dollar spending package he’s proposed in less than four months (see also: COVID “stimulus” and “infrastructure”). This toxic trifecta of taxpayer waste would cost nearly $6 trillion total. What’s worse, it was designed by Democrats to shore up government control and fill the coffers of far-left special interest groups.

The list of big government policies is long:

  • Green New Deal initiatives? Check. 
  • Union handouts? Check. 
  • Blue state bailouts? Check. 
  • Corporate welfare? Check. 
  • Government-run health insurance? Check.

As we’ve warned, somebody’s gotta pay for this out-of-control spending. That’s why Biden has proposed job-killing, economy-crushing tax hikes.

Biden’s attempt to take more of our money is bad enough. But the fact that he’ll use it to send our country on a leftward lurch is even worse. No wonder self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) praised Biden’s 100-day record as “very impressive.” In Biden’s first 100 days, socialism is showing that it is here to stay.

If the socialist AOC is happy, the rest of America should be deeply worried.

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