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American Culture

December 20, 2022

Biden’s Woke Trick 🏗

Biden’s Woke Trick 🏗

Remember the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill President Biden signed last year? Well, just like we warned, it’s helping funnel your taxpayer dollars to the left’s pet projects.

Just last week, the Biden administration announced $1.5 billion in new grant funding—but only if states and communities buy into liberals’ woke agenda. That includes “addressing racial equity”—which is just code for favoring some Americans because of their skin color—or adopting Green New Deal-style policies that force everyday families to pay more just to heat their homes or travel to work.

The federal government should be focused on making it easier for every American to enjoy world-class infrastructure—not on covering projects with mountains of red tape that do nothing but drive up costs.

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California’s Racist Payments 🤯

We already know that paying people not to work is a bad idea. So naturally, one California city wants to do just that. But the Golden State’s handouts don’t just discourage work—they encourage blatant racism and sexism, too.

San Francisco, for example, wants to give people free money on the basis of their skin or sex—by excluding white Americans or giving benefits only to transgender “Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.” That’s discrimination. These and other taxpayer-funded efforts across the state don’t just violate California’s constitution. They clearly undermine equality under the U.S. Constitution, as well. link

The liberal leaders driving these programs should stop them once and for all—not just for the sake of Californians’ financial well-being, but out of respect for their constitutional rights, too.

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