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American Energy

October 17, 2022

China: Same Leader, Same Threat To Us 🇨🇳

China: Same Leader, Same Threat To Us 🇨🇳

This week, Xi Jinping is set to secure another term leading Communist China. It will send a clear message: The evil communist regime that threatens America—and freedom itself—isn’t going anywhere.

Of course, there’s no real doubt that Xi Jinping will win again. He and his communist party lackeys will do anything to hold onto power. His appointment to a third term will just affirm his control—and give his government cover to continue growing China’s military, encroaching on Taiwan and other free nations, and spying on people here on American soil.

This latest turn of events reminds us that China is the greatest global threat facing America. Our leaders should do everything in their power to protect America—and send Communist China to the asheap of history, like the Soviet Union before it. link

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Biden Plays Politics With U.S. Energy ⛽

Gas prices are on the rise again. Unfortunately, President Biden is too busy playing politics to do anything about it.

This month, Saudi Arabia and other countries announced that they’ll slash oil production by two million barrels a day. According to reports, Biden begged them to wait a month. How convenient—since that would have delayed the resulting gas price hike until after the 2022 election. Of course, we could solve an oil shortage by producing it here in the U.S. The biggest obstacle? Biden’s unfailing loyalty to radical environmentalism.

We shouldn’t let foreign countries or the far left cause our families to suffer. This should be a wakeup call for us to embrace American energy independence once again.

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