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American Culture

August 9, 2022

China Wants To Put The U.S. Out To Pasture 🐮

China Wants To Put The U.S. Out To Pasture 🐮

Communist China threatens America wherever it can—in Taiwan, the Pacific, and in Latin America, too. But its plans hit even closer to home—including in America’s heartland. 

In 2020, Chinese groups controlled more than 352,140 acres of farmland across the United States—a 2,400% increase from just 10 years earlier. A Chinese company recently bought acreage right next to an Air Force base in North Dakota, where some of our military’s most sensitive drone technology is based. As conservatives in Congress have pointed out, that could “provide cover for [People’s Republic of China] surveillance or interference with the missions located at that installation.” That’s why GOP legislators are taking action. Last week, Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) introduced a bill to stop any Chinese Communist Party members from buying U.S. land

It’s a clear national security threat for Communist China to gain a valuable foothold on our own soil. America’s local leaders, governors, and members of Congress should be on alert—and do everything in their power to stop it.

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Driving Liberals Crazy Over Immigration 🚌

The left had no problem ignoring the growing crisis on our southern border. But now that it’s happening right in front of their eyes, they’re starting to change their tune.

We told you that governors of border states have bused thousands of illegal immigrants to cities like New York City and Washington, D.C. Liberal politicians reacted exactly how you’d expect. New York’s mayor said that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott “manufacture[d] a crisis” and that the city “need[s] the federal government’s help—money, technical assistance, and more.”A few thousand immigrants have been sent to New York City. Compare that to one Texas border town where the equivalent of half its population was being released—every month.

Liberals need to wake up to the facts: The real crisis is along our border. And it’s being fueled by the Biden administration and inaction in Washington, D.C. 

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