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American Culture

September 7, 2021

China’s Honey-Do-List 🍯 🐝

China’s Honey-Do-List 🍯 🐝

We’ve warned that Communist China would exploit President Joe Biden’s offer to “partner” with it on climate change. Sure enough, the tyrannical regime’s idea of a partnership involves weakening America to their advantage.

Last week, here’s what China’s communist leaders told “Climate Czar” John Kerry that they want from us: Lift U.S. sanctions and tariffs on China, let potential Chinese propaganda operations run rampant in the U.S., and stop defending Taiwan—the democratic island Beijing has threatened to take by force. They also said the U.S. should stop considering China a threat. 

Kerry’s begging the CCP to go green isn’t smart or helpful; it’s naive. The CCP will use Biden’s climate obsession to gain the upper hand and get what it wants. 

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Liberals’ Jobs Blunder Ends 🎉

It’s the day after Labor Day, and we have good news to share for America’s workers: President Joe Biden’s anti-recovery unemployment handouts finally expired yesterday—despite Democrats’ attempt to make them permanent

Since Biden reupped them in March, the jobless giveaways have resulted in many people being paid more to stay home than they’d earn working. Even though a record 10 million jobs are available, workers still aren’t filling them. Last month, employers hired nearly 500,000 fewer workers than expected. Luckily, GOP governors saw the writing on the wall and canceled Biden’s “benefits” months ago.

Now that these harmful handouts have ended in every state, American workers, business owners, and families can breathe a sigh of relief. 

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