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American Culture

November 10, 2022

Conservative Governors Can Keep Leading 👊

Conservative Governors Can Keep Leading 👊

Millions of Americans cast their votes this week. Many races still haven’t been called, and in the days ahead, we’ll share what the results mean for America. link

But one thing is already clear: Americans want conservative governors to keep doing what they do best—creating opportunity and prosperity for millions of families nationwide. That’s why they re-elected so many conservative governors on Tuesday, from Kim Reynolds in Iowa to Brian Kemp in Georgia to Chris Sununu in New Hampshire and to Mike DeWine in Ohio.

It’s no surprise. Just look at some of the incredible progress that conservative leaders in states across the country have made possible over the last two years alone. They’ve:

  • Empowered parents in education. States like Idaho have given parents more control over their kids’ learning experience by putting education dollars directly into their hands—with the goal of every kid getting access to the education that’s right for them.
  • Created real options in healthcare. South Dakota gave more patients access to more healthcare options by making it easier for providers to work across state lines.
  • Stood up for moms and their babies. Georgia showed how to do even more to help moms and their kids thrive by giving mothers a tax break for their unborn children—which can make a real difference for families struggling to get by.
  • Cut taxes for families and small businesses. States like Nebraska delivered billions in tax relief to Main Street Americans—leaving them with more money in their pockets and in their businesses to help weather the economic pain caused by Bidenflation.
  • Unleashed American innovation. Oklahoma and other states have cut red tape and reduced regulations that make it harder for entrepreneurs to experiment and for small businesses to create even more value for their customers.

Red state governors’ success on Election Day is proof that the American people recognize what we know to be true. And it’s a truth that Nikki Haley knows given her experience as governor of South Carolina: Conservatives know how to solve our country’s biggest problems.

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