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American Culture

July 26, 2022

Conservative States Save The Day đź’Ş

Conservative States Save The Day đź’Ş

Conservatives have had to fight back against big challenges since day one of the Biden administration—from inflation and skyrocketing energy costs to our border crisis and the spread of wokeism. Who has been leading the charge on the front lines? Conservative legal officials.

In states throughout the country, attorneys general have delivered some big wins for the American people, like:

Conservative state AGs have also led the charge against federal government overreach, including by:

  • Pushing back against Biden administration rules that would force retirement investment managers to prioritize radical climate activism over American families’ financial well-being.
  • Demanding that liberals stop using school lunch funding as a bargaining chip to let biological boys use girls’ restrooms in schools.
  • Getting to the bottom of allegations that the Justice Department worked with a school board union to go after parents they called “domestic terrorists” just because they want what’s best for their kids.
  • Fighting to reauthorize the Keystone XL pipeline, which would help unleash American energy production and bring down prices for millions of families.

While there’s no shortage of bad policies coming from the Biden administration and liberals in Washington, Americans should take heart that their state AGs won’t back down from defending our constitutional rights and our rule of law every chance they get.

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