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September 2, 2022

Conservatives Demand Answers 👊

Conservatives Demand Answers 👊

President Biden’s failures have created huge problems for America, both at home and abroad. Conservatives are making plans to hold him accountable—and it can’t happen a moment too soon.

We mentioned Tuesday how lawmakers on the right are fighting to stop his reckless spending and price hikes. And if they have the opportunity to lead in Congress next year, they’re promising to help undo even more of the damage he’s done. Here are just a few of their plans:

  • Bring an end to our border crisis. We’ve seen record numbers of people, suspected terrorists, and illegal drugs stopped at our southern border. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and his colleagues are committed to investigating this national security disaster and pushing out the people in power who’ve made it worse.
  • Come to terms with Biden’s COVID mistakes. We know that China unleashed the virus on the world—and that bureaucrats and their allies shut down the economy because of it. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) wants to know a lot more about how China did it and why the people responsible for bungling the response haven’t been held accountable.
  • Get answers on Afghanistan. Biden’s withdrawal left behind billions in lost military equipment, insulted our friends, abandoned our allies, and led to the deaths of 13 heroic members of our military. The American people deserve to know why, and Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) is demanding public hearings and investigations to make sure they get those answers.

After a year and a half of mistakes, conservatives are ready to step up as a check on Biden and his liberal allies.

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An Energy Crisis Waiting To Happen 🔌

U.S. energy prices are out of control. Natural gas hit a 14-year high. Electricity costs are 15% more today than a year ago. And now, one out of six Americans can’t pay their utility bill. And things could get even worse—just look at Europe for proof of where liberals’ environmental policies could lead. 

Years of panic over climate change have led to electricity costs exploding by as much as 25% in a single day. Entire towns are desperately searching for firewood just to keep their homes warm. On top of that, winter is coming, and Vladimir Putin is holding Europe’s oil and natural gas hostage over his assault on Ukraine. It’s a tragic reminder of a basic truth: The only sources of energy that America should truly rely on are those that are found right here at home.

The crisis in Europe shows why our country needs to avoid its own. We need to get the United States back on the track of energy independence as soon as possible.

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