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American Culture

August 8, 2022

Conservatives Spent The Weekend Fighting For You 💪

Conservatives Spent The Weekend Fighting For You 💪

While liberals in the Senate spent the weekend shoving through a partisan bill that would bring President Biden’s spending tab up to $3.5 trillion while in office, conservative leaders used every tool they had to try to restore some sanity in Washington.

Republican senators forced votes on the issues that matter most to Americans—from securing our border and stamping out violent crime to fighting the threat of Communist China.

Here are just a few examples of ways they fought to protect and defend American families:

  • Redirect funding away from radical environmental programs at the Department of Homeland Security and back to stopping people from entering our country illegally.
  • Crack down on Communist China’s efforts to infiltrate America by buying massive amounts of our farmland and influence our colleges and universities.
  • Give extra funding to local law enforcement organizations and ensure that prosecutors can keep violent criminals off of our streets.
  • Protect Title 42, which Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) called the “last line of defense that our Border Patrol agents have to protect our nation.

As you’d expect, liberals voted against all of these commonsense policies—and instead handed out billions in “green pork” while doing nothing to actually lower inflation.

It’s a shame: Even as families fall further behind, liberals in Washington decided to raise your taxes, spend more of your hard-earned money, and give the government more control over your life. It’s the same tired playbook they’ve used before—and Americans are sick of it.

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School Spending Skyrockets 📚

A new school year means new supplies for kids heading back to the classroom. This year though, American families are feeling the pinch—because Bidenflation has made back-to-school season more expensive than ever. 

Today, parents say they’re spending $661 for things like clothes, books, and supplies—$168 more than in 2019. Backpacks alone cost 12% moreThat’s extra money that families just don’t have. We warned that as more people have exhausted their savings, they’ve paid for higher prices by going into greater debt. And even shopping for bargains can only relieve that stress so much. As one mom in upstate New York put it: “I’m thankful for the dollar store, I really am.”

The last days of summer should be fun—for kids who are excited for a new adventure, and for parents who are ready for a well-deserved break. But thanks to liberals’ reckless policies, they’re shaping up to break the bank for too many American families.

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