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Big Tech

June 1, 2021

Big Tech Censorship Backfires 📱🔥

Big Tech Censorship Backfires 📱🔥

Big Tech is finally reversing its censorship campaign against anyone who says the coronavirus may have leaked from a lab in Communist China. This change-of-mind reaffirms two things: 1. Censorship is dangerous. 2. Big Tech is in bed with the Democrats. 

Social media giants spent more than a year blocking content that mentioned the coronavirus lab-leak theory, deeming it “misinformation.” But as soon as Biden and the Democrats lifted the taboo off the theory, so did the censorship police. That’s bad enough, but the deeper problem here is that censorship shuts down the discussion and debate that lead to truth. 

Since the start of the pandemic, the lab-leak theory deserved investigation. But Big Tech censorship only delayed and distorted the search for the truth at a time when the truth is desperately needed.

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Courts Stop Biden’s Racist Relief 🛑

The bad news: The Biden administration is trying to distribute coronavirus relief to restaurants based on race and sex—which is discrimination, pure and simple. The good news: Courts in Texas and Tennessee are saying, “No way.” 

News flash: The best way to stop discrimination is to stop discriminating. By choosing who gets help and who doesn’t based on skin color and gender, Biden’s government is violating the core American principle of equality under the law. 

We’re happy to see courts standing up for what’s right. Hopefully this will make Biden and other Democrats think twice about any other racist policies they plan on pushing down the pipeline. 

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