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Government spending

May 11, 2021

Dem Spending = Less Working, More Hurting 😔 📨

Dem Spending = Less Working, More Hurting 😔 📨

President Joe Biden’s “stimulus” spending spree has created a hiring crisis. That’s why Republican governors are saying “no thanks” to Democrats’ attack on workers and upward mobility.

Right now, millions of unemployed Americans are being paid more to stay at home than they’d make working. As long as Biden keeps his plan in place, Americans miss out on the dignity that comes with work. And businesses can’t get back to normal as the pandemic recedes. A record 42% of business owners are reporting open positions that they couldn’t fill. One struggling employer put it this way: “The government is my main competitor right now.” 

Thankfully, Republicans are listening. Governors in Montana, South Carolina, and Arkansas have refused to accept the Biden pay-outs. Their actions are helping more people find jobs and helping their economies recover. 

That’s what America needs right now—a stronger economy that helps Americans get back on their feet and rise, not more government spending and handouts that do the opposite.

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California, Not So Golden 🛑

People are fleeing California in record numbers. We don’t have to wonder why: Years of far-left policies have made the state too expensive and too unsafe for families and workers. It turns out these ex-Californians want freedom, not the far-left’s “utopia.”

But wait, the Golden State is Joe Biden’s gold standard. Has anyone told him that Americans don’t want sky-high taxes, suffocating lockdowns, leftist cultural revolutions, burdensome regulations, rising homicides and homelessness, inadequate infrastructure, or through-the-roof living costs? California’s Democrat leaders have imposed all these afflictions and more on citizens, and the past year was especially bad. 

It’s no wonder families and entrepreneurs are relocating to states with lower taxes and less regulations, where life is returning to normal and people are free to thrive. Californians don’t want Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) running their daily lives, and Americans don’t want Biden and the liberals running Washington. 

America needs to look less, not more, like California. 

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