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American Culture

July 29, 2021

Democrats Defend Divisive Education…Again…😡

Democrats Defend Divisive Education…Again…😡

Pushing race-based education isn’t enough for members of the far left; they also want taxpayers to fund it. House Democrats just blocked a bill from Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) that would ban federal dollars from funding critical race theory (CRT) in schools. 

If there is anyone Democrats should listen to, it’s Burgess Owens. As an African American growing up in the Deep South, Owens is no stranger to racism. But as Rep. Owens explained on the House floor this week, critical race theory only rips Americans apart. Yes, we should teach students about slavery and racism. But taxpayers should not fund a false ideology that rewrites our history and pits students against each other. 

We’ll give Rep. Owens the last word: “It is absolutely wrong and un-American to indoctrinate our children into believing that, because of their skin color, they are forever part of an oppressed or oppressive class. Hate has no place in our schools, and CRT has no place in our classes.

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Another CDC Flip-Flop 🙄

If you’re frustrated about the latest COVID guidelines, you’re in good company. 

On Tuesday, the Biden administration did a 180 on its own position. First, the CDC urged Americans to get COVID vaccines. Then, it told fully vaccinated people they could stop wearing masks. Now, they’re bringing back masks for vaccinated adults and kids. This reversal flies in the face of science. The CDC’s own data shows that less than 1% of vaccinated people have gotten symptomatic COVID cases and that vaccines are “highly effective.” Children run an extremely low risk of getting seriously ill from the virus. 

The new guidance punishes vaccinated Americans and further erodes trust in our public health officials – if there is any trust left to erode. 

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