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Government spending

August 30, 2021

Democrats Have No Shame 🤦

Democrats Have No Shame 🤦

It’s never a good time for a power grab. But Democrats’ latest attempt to launch one while terrorists are wreaking havoc and sowing destruction in Afghanistan proves just how disconnected from reality they are. Democrats have no shame.

Last week, along with advancing their $3.5 trillion welfare state expansion, House Democrats passed H.R. 4—a bill designed to hand the federal government massive control over elections. It would terminate voter ID requirements across the country and let D.C. bureaucrats overrule states’ voting safeguards. As if that’s not bad enough, the bill would also encourage far-left activists to wage manipulative court battles to kill good election rules. 

The GOP is speaking out and fighting back. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said: “Thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan, fearing for their lives, and Democrats are focused on passing legislation to make sure states can’t require photo ID.” This liberal power play is nothing short of shameful. 

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Beware More Woke Companies ⚠️

Add Verizon to the laundry list of woke companies promoting hatred of America. New reports show that Verizon—along with American Express and Bank of America—is training employees to advance some of the far left’s most destructive ideas. 

Need examples? All three have held sessions to teach their workers that America is systemically racist and plagued by white supremacy and privilege. Bank of America’s training warns that white toddlers as young as three years old are racist. Verizon and American Express host speakers who decry capitalism—the very system that enabled these corporations’ success—as racist and rooted in slavery. Next up? anti-police rhetoric, of course. One Verizon instructor teaches that America’s police force is designed to enforce segregation and “criminaliz[e] poverty.” Bank of America’s training promotes abolishing the police

These corporations’ radical propaganda will only divide Americans and destroy the principles that make our country the greatest, freest nation on earth. We hope their mission to make employees “woke at work” (Bank of America’s words, not ours) is put to a stop. 

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