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American Culture

March 15, 2021

Dems Begin Their Far-Left Blitz 😧

Dems Begin Their Far-Left Blitz 😧

President Joe Biden’s first legislative “victory” is a partisan ploy aimed at massive government expansion. And the Democrats want you to know it.

On Friday, Biden signed the $1.9 trillion “stimulus” package into law, which liberals are touting as an “ideological revolution” and the “most progressive bill in American history.” We wish they were exaggerating. They’re not.

Most of the spending in the package has nothing to do with COVID relief and everything to do with creating an unprecedented expansion in government handouts. They’re using taxpayer dollars to bankroll their blue-state bailouts, special-interest giveaways, and a pricey welfare state, just to name a few. 

The liberals’ message is clear: They want a gigantic government, and this COVID “relief” bill only marks the beginning of their fight to make it happen. 

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Forever Lockdowns? No Thanks 🚫🔒

One of the big lessons from the COVID pandemic is that the government has too much power to dictate how we live our lives and make personal decisions in emergency situations.

The latest example? President Biden’s speech last week announcing that, by July 4th, small groups of family and friends might be able to gather in their backyards to celebrate. Newsflash: People are already doing this, and rightly so. COVID cases have largely declined since January, and nearly a quarter of Americans have been vaccinated. States are lifting mask mandates, allowing businesses to fully reopen, and giving the all clear for gatherings of 50 or more. Not to mention, it’s likely most Americans will have received a vaccine by July, according to Biden himself. 

Excessive COVID rules have kept families apart, increased mental health problems, closed schools, and shuttered businesses for more than a year. It’s time for Joe Biden to catch up to the rest of America and stop preaching forever lockdowns.

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