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Communist China

June 18, 2021

Did U.S. Taxpayers Fund COVID-19? 🦠 🤷

Did U.S. Taxpayers Fund COVID-19? 🦠 🤷

Good question. Dr. Anthony Fauci’s agency—the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—sent taxpayer money to the Wuhan lab in Communist China that may have unleashed COVID-19 on the world. Dr. Fauci says he “can’t guarantee” how China used our money, but the GOP is determined to find answers: Did U.S. taxpayers fund COVID-19?

This week, Reps. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Rob Wittman (R-VA) introduced a bill to investigate whether the NIH supported dangerous research in Wuhan that could have created COVID-19. Their bill would also sanction members of the Chinese Communist Party who covered up the virus—until China commits to a legitimate investigation of the Wuhan lab. 

The families of the 3.8 million people who died from COVID have a right to know the truth about COVID’s origins. And all Americans deserve to know if the U.S. government used our money—on purpose or not—to fund risky virus research. We applaud the GOP for demanding answers.

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Womp, Womp: That’s The Sound Of Biden’s Economy 🧎

The Democrats’ jobs debacle keeps revealing itself. A report yesterday shows that the number of non-working Americans rose to 412,000 last week—a much bigger increase than many expected, especially since unemployment claims had been largely falling since February. 

This jobless jump may have surprised some, but we saw it coming from a mile away. Three months ago, Biden signed off on dishing out $300 checks each week to people who weren’t working, even if they refused to look for jobs. It was only a matter of time before people took advantage of the giveaways and stopped working. And this comes as the Fed is now considering hiking interest rates to combat price increases that even Biden’s team admitted it’s expecting this year. 

Luckily, 25 GOP-led states also saw the writing on the wall and cut off the anti-recovery unemployment pay-outs. This is the right move for American workers who need jobs, not handouts from Democrats. 

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