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American Culture

July 27, 2021

Federal Election Takeover 2.0 😦

Federal Election Takeover 2.0 😦

After failing the first time, Democrats are taking another bite at the apple in pushing a federal election takeover. 

Last month, Senate Republicans shut down Democrats’ election takeover bill, known as H.R. 1. Now, Democrats are pushing a different bill: H.R. 4. What would H.R. 4 do? 

  • Empower the federal government to veto changes to state election procedures—like voter ID requirements. 
  • Give liberal activist groups more muscle to challenge state voting laws that don’t fit the leftist narrative. 

Don’t be fooled. D.C. liberals may have given this bill a different name, but it’s just another attempt to take voting decisions into their own hands. 

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Dems Attack Education Freedom 📘

After more than a year of education failures—from closed schools to critical race theory—liberals are once again putting politics ahead of students. 

Last week, House Democrats voted to slash funding for charter schools. And they’re trying to end a popular Washington, D.C., program that gives thousands of school choice scholarships to poor families—an action that even the ultra-liberal Washington Post criticized. 

These moves would deny thousands of kids a better education. Studies show that charter school students achieve higher academic outcomes than traditional public school students. And 91% of D.C. scholarship graduates—compared to 39% of D.C. public school students—are accepted into college. 

Instead of focusing on student success, the liberal education playbook means pouring more money into failed schools. For liberals, this is politics as usual. For too many kids, it’s nothing short of a tragedy.

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