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American Culture

July 8, 2022

Free States Rise 📈, Liberal States Fall 📉

Free States Rise 📈, Liberal States Fall 📉

We’ve known for a while that conservative-led states outperformed liberal ones during COVID. And it’s no surprise that the gap between them keeps growing—since freedom always wins.

States that trusted businesses and workers to do what’s best are still creating more opportunity and more prosperity than ones that handed unchecked power to politicians and bureaucrats.

  • Red states have added nearly 350,000 jobs in the last two and a half years; blue states have lost more than 1.3 million.
  • Eight out of 10 states with the lowest unemployment rates have conservative-run legislatures; seven of the 10 states with the highest have liberal majorities.
  • Around 46 million people changed zip codes last year. Red states like Florida and Texas received the most of these transplants; California and New York lost the most.

Meanwhile, liberal states like California keep leaning into the policies that have driven families out—like increasing the gas taxoffering free healthcare to illegal immigrants, and considering paying reparations. Apparently, they haven’t learned their lesson. And their loss is conservative states’ gain.

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Parents vs. Biden 🥊

Parents took a stand against the Biden administration’s effort to reduce access to education options. This week, they can celebrate a small win in the fight for school choice.

We recently told you about how Biden’s Education Department tried to enact ridiculous new rules that would make it harder for charter schools to receive funding. Thanks to public backlash, the department walked back some of the roadblocks that teachers’ unions wanted Biden to put up. But the work to lift more students up isn’t over. In West Virginia, a judge just blocked a historic new scholarship program from going into effect, cutting off more than 3,100 families from funds to cover private school tuition, homeschooling, or other education needs. 

Right now, there’s real momentum for more choice in education. When families are loud about demanding more control over their kids’ education, they can make real progress against liberal efforts to stifle it.

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