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American Culture

August 10, 2021

Get Ready For Dems’ Budget Tricks 🎩

Get Ready For Dems’ Budget Tricks 🎩

You might think a “budget” has to do with spending, right? Not according to liberals’ definition. Not only are Democrats using their $3.5 trillion budget bill to enact the largest government expansion of our lifetime. They’re also trying to sneak through some of their worst wish-list items that have nothing to do with spending.

Liberals’ attempts to grant amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants, launch a federal election takeover, and sacrifice workers’ rights for labor union handouts have either failed or stalled in Congress. That’s why they’re trying to tack these items onto their massive budget in a last-ditch effort to make them a reality. 

The good news is that these budget gimmicks might not pass muster under Senate rules. The bad news is that the liberals will never stop trying to force their radical agenda on America. It’s up to conservatives to keep exposing deceptive far-left traps.

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Beware: California’s Coming For Our Bacon 🥓

California has a bad habit of showing how government overreach hurts the American people. The latest example? A new California regulation will create a meat shortage and raise meat prices.  

Starting in January, the new rule dictates that pork sold in California must come from farms where pigs have at least “24 square feet of usable floor space” to breed. That means any American farm that sells meat to California will have to spend extra time and money retrofitting pig pens to comply with the state’s standards, or get shut out. And meat buyers in California—and potentially across the country—will pay the price.  

Hard-working farmers and everyday Americans should not have to cover the hefty cost of liberal activists’ policies. That’s just plain hogwash.

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