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June 9, 2021

Harris Shrugs Off Border Crisis 🤷

Harris Shrugs Off Border Crisis 🤷

76 days after Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked with solving Biden’s border crisis, Harris’ trip to Guatemala is a national embarrassment. Yesterday, an NBC News anchor asked about her plans to visit the border. Are you ready for this? She shrugged off the question, chuckled, and claimed she didn’t understand why he asked. 

House Republicans Retweeted US Rep. Mike Turner @RepMikeTurner The #BidenBorderCrisis is not a laughing matter. Maybe if  @VP  would actually visit the border, she would grasp the seriousness of the crisis this administration created. Quote Tweet

We can shed some light on his reasoning: The number of illegal crossings from the southern border in 2021 just hit a 15-year high. Guatemala’s president rightfully blamed Biden and Harris for creating the migration crisis. After all, who can forget Harris declaring, “Say it loud, say it clear, everyone is welcome here?” On Monday, Harris finally warned migrants not to come, but four months into this crisis, it’s going to take more than half-hearted warnings to fix it.

The Biden-Harris border crisis is endangering U.S. cities. The solution is simple: Secure. The. Border.

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Biden Thwarted Lab Leak Probe 🧪

Biden’s dragging his feet on the hunt for COVID-19’s origins. A May 2020 report by a U.S. government lab concluded that a Wuhan lab leak was a plausible cause of the coronavirus pandemic. Donald Trump took the report seriously and called for further investigation. Joe Biden’s State Department reportedly shut that investigation down after Biden took office. 

On Fox News yesterday, Amb. Nikki Haley called Biden out for dithering and said he must do more: Send a team of Americans to investigate the lab for themselves and return with reliable answers. 

China and the WHO covered up COVID’s origins for more than a year, and 3.7 million people died. A detailed and trustworthy investigation should have happened yesterday. 

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