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American Culture

May 11, 2022

How To Rein In Bidenflation đź’ˇ

Yesterday, as gas prices hit an all-time high, President Biden finally acknowledged Americans’ inflation pain. Unfortunately, his speech was light on solutions and heavy on shifting the blame. He even claimed conservatives don’t have a plan to fix the mess he’s made. Fact check: false.

In a new video, Stand For America calls out Biden for his reckless policies that have caused this crisis. It’s time to stop wasting money on liberal pet projects and end the spending spree that’s mortgaging our kids’ future. Instead, our four solutions are reasonable steps Washington can take to lower costs and stop Bidenflation from decimating American families:

  • Balance the budget
  • Ban pork-barrel projects
  • End special interest giveaways
  • Embrace American energy

Take a closer look here:

Americans are hurting and Biden’s plan to “help” would only make things worse. Washington needs to tackle Bidenflation once and for all.

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Spider-Man > Communist China 🇨🇳

The Chinese Communist Party will do anything to hold onto power. Sometimes that means stripping tens of millions of people of their rights. Sometimes it means silencing Spider-Man.

In case you missed it: Sony’s new movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has a big scene showing the Statue of Liberty. China’s regime didn’t like that and told them to cut it. The good news? Unlike a lot of woke corporations and Hollywood studios, Sony didn’t cave. That’s worth celebrating. It shows that China can’t always bully its way into getting what it wants. It should send a clear message to other companies who do business there, too: Don’t be afraid to stand up for America against the regime’s bullying.

Communist China remains a threat to our country and to free people everywhere. But thanks to a certain superhero, we know that freedom can win in the end.

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