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American Culture

April 26, 2021

Liberal “Equity” Undermines Education 📓

Liberal “Equity” Undermines Education 📓

The left’s latest attempt to put “equity” at the center of education should concern every parent and American. Liberal “equity” undermines education, here’s why.

Education officials in Virginia have already been busy renaming schools across the state to advance racial equity. Now the Virginia Department of Education is going even further by pushing to eliminate advanced high school math classes below 11th grade. You read that right—education bureaucrats are using so-called equity to keep kids from learning and reaching their full potential. 

We’ve warned before about liberals’ obsession with equity, an un-American idea that results in outright discrimination. The equity education agenda, backed by the Biden administration, won’t help a single student. It will only destroy opportunities and cripple students’ ability to succeed in the real world. 

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Tax And Spend Biden 🤑

Big government spending = bigger taxes. Biden knows this, but it’s not stopping him from tallying up as much spending on as many liberal wish-list items as he possibly can. 
Ever since Biden proposed his multi-trillion dollar “infrastructure” package, he’s sugar-coated tax hikes by implying they’ll only affect the rich. They won’t. The tax increases he’s expected to unveil this week, alongside another huge spending bonanza, will hurt job-creators who help people rise, stifle innovators with new ideas, stop people from investing in American entrepreneurship, and damage our economy overall. 

The scary part is that this is only the beginning. Biden and the liberals will continue to spend recklessly, which means they’ll continue to tax relentlessly—no matter how wasteful or harmful their habits are.

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