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American Culture

March 17, 2021

Liberals Turn To Tax Hikes 💸

Liberals Turn To Tax Hikes 💸

What’s next on the liberals’ wish list now that they passed their $1.9 trillion “stimulus” bill? The answer may not surprise you: tax increases to fund their big-government spending plans. 

Democrats are working on an infrastructure package with a massive price tag (up to $4 trillion). So-called moderate Democrats admit the government can’t pay for all this new spending without a tax increase, and Biden’s team is already talking about raising taxes on businesses and individuals. 

And there are more liberal wish list items they’ll need the money to pay for, like student loan forgiveness costing at least $377 billion and a permanent welfare state. As the Democrats open the spending spigot, it’s taxpayers who will be on the hook. 

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Discrimination On Liberal Campuses 🤨 

Liberal colleges are offering a lot of graduation ceremonies this year. How will students know which one to attend? (You might want to sit down for this one.) By their ethnicity and income

Along with Columbia University’s general commencement ceremony, the administration is offering additional optional graduation ceremonies for Black, Asian, “Latinx,” and Native students. Another ceremony singles out low-income seniors. Columbia is not alone. At least 125 colleges across the country hold race-based commencement ceremonies. See also: Georgetown University and Texas Woman’s University.

This may seem like a ridiculous but harmless trend, but it speaks to a bigger problem in today’s liberal culture. Instead of encouraging students to appreciate other people’s differences and unique experiences, wokeness creates a society that divides people based on their racial and ethnic differences. This is the exact opposite of what we should be doing if we want to teach people tolerance.

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