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American Culture

December 8, 2021

New Book From Stand For America: Conservative Policy Solutions 🤗

New Book From Stand For America: Conservative Policy Solutions 🤗

Ambassador Nikki Haley founded Stand For America with the mission of promoting policies that protect freedom at home and strength abroad. Now more than ever, America needs solutions to push back damaging policies from the left that are making America less prosperous, less free, and less safe. Liberals’ socialist spending plans, open borders, skyrocketing crime, and cowardly foreign policy are launching America backward. 

That’s why Stand For America took action. We rallied leading conservative voices from every corner of the country and asked: Where does America go from here? The bold ideas we received from experts, government officials, religious leaders, and other influential Americans were just too good. We couldn’t help but share them with you. 

So we compiled them into a book: American Strength: Conservative Solutions Worth Fighting ForOur book includes essays from Amb. Haley and other conservative leaders that detail smart solutions to America’s biggest problems. From immigration and education, to overcoming poverty and protecting life, to combatting RussiaIran, and Communist China—it covers just about everything. 

Now is the time to steer our country back toward more liberty, less government, and greater leadership on the world stage. After all, as Amb. Haley puts it, America is “a country of boundless optimism and limitless opportunity for all. We cannot let that promise slip away or stay out of reach for so much as one person.” 

Click here to read our book. Trust us, it’s well worth your time.

In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks: 

  • In The Tragedy of American Education,” radio talk show host Dennis Prager describes how schools today “pervert the minds and souls of far too many American students” with discriminatory, anti-American propaganda. His answer? Restore intellectual freedom in schools, give power back to parents, and return to the true purpose of education—teaching our kids.
  • In Biden’s Border Crisis,” Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) explains how to restore order and security along our southern border. He explains, “Our immigration system is on fire, and bad policies are fanning the flames….There are rules that must be followed. Ignoring them creates chaos for the system and risks for those who make the life-endangering trip to get here.”
  • In Cutting Through the Iranian Fog,” former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman describes how Donald Trump’s refusal to stand down in the face of Iranian terrorists made our enemies cower in fear. Not so in Joe Biden’s America. That’s why, as Friedman writes, “Biden should further sanction the nefarious regime and draw clear red lines to discourage further provocations. His continuation of the failed Obama administration policy…will only lead to greater danger…in the Middle East and around the world.”

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