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American Culture

March 24, 2022

Nikki: Stand Up For Freedom 🗽

Nikki: Stand Up For Freedom 🗽

As President Biden meets with world leaders in Europe, Nikki Haley is urging him to remember that Vladimir Putin and other tyrants are only deterred through strength.

Helping Ukraine—getting them planes, food, water, and humanitarian aid—is just the beginning. More than that, the U.S. and our allies need to be preventing wars and invasions in the first place.

That means ending any dependence on our enemies, starting with Russian oil. That means boosting domestic energy production to fill in the gap for our friends. That means working with our NATO allies to prevent Putin from further attacks and signaling to China that their designs on Taiwan will be resisted, too. 

The only way to stop tyranny and maintain peace is by standing for freedom—any time it is threatened.

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Censorship University 🤭

Free speech is disappearing from American college campuses. Left-wing students, emboldened by cowardly administrators, are targeting conservatives for intimidation and even violence

This week, the University of Virginia’s student newspaper called for former Vice President Mike Pence to be disinvited from grounds because his conservative ideas “threaten the lives” of people who disagree with him. At Yale Law School, students disrupted a debate on civil liberties because they disagreed with the conservative speaker. This is spiraling out of control.

Universities exist to pursue the truth—to help students develop their minds and challenge each other’s ideas. Woke censorship is stealing that opportunity from millions of Americans. 

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